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  • Course No.: E – 2044
  • PDH Units: 5

Course No.: E - 2044
PDH Units: 5

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  • Course No.: E – 2044
  • PDH Units: 5

Course No.: E - 2044
PDH Units: 5

Intended Audience: All Engineers.


This course serves as the initial step in a comprehensive five-part series on project management. Each course in the series focuses on different aspects of project management, allowing participants to gain fundamental knowledge, develop advanced applications, handle complex projects, and delve into design/build projects. Although the courses offer progressively higher-level content, each one is designed to be a standalone course.   In the realm of project management, a staggering $48 trillion is invested annually in various projects, regardless of their scale. Unfortunately, research by the Standish Group reveals that only 35% of these projects are deemed successful, emphasizing the pressing need for effective project management practices. Among the numerous factors that contribute to project outcomes, the competency and performance of the project manager stand out as the most significant.   A common challenge arises when individuals are thrust into the role of a project manager solely based on their technical expertise or, at times, due to the lack of suitable candidates chosen by upper management. Regrettably, this often leads to project failures as the newly assigned project manager may lack familiarity with the principles and responsibilities of project management.   In this introductory course, we address this issue by equipping beginner project managers with the essential skills to succeed in their role. We provide a comprehensive understanding of project management by defining its core components and exploring potential challenges they may encounter. Moreover, we emphasize the significance of the project manager's character and how it influences the overall project success.   Throughout the course, participants will gain insights into critical project management components that demand attention. We will guide them through various definitions of project management, highlight their specific responsibilities, and emphasize the importance of their role in steering a project towards success. Furthermore, the course introduces participants to Project Management Knowledge Areas and their integration into the Project Management Processes, which collectively constitute the project life cycle. This knowledge equips project managers with a holistic perspective, enabling them to navigate projects more efficiently and effectively.   With a focus on laying a strong foundation for project management, this introductory course empowers beginner project managers to embrace the proper techniques and methodologies for successfully managing projects. By the end of the course, participants will be well-equipped to tackle the complexities of project management and contribute significantly to the success of their projects.   So, let’s embark on the first leg of the roadmap journey of project management that will provide you with a comprehensive basic introductory overview with what is needed for you to become an exceptional project manager.  

Learning Objectives

At the successful conclusion of this course, you’ll be able to identify and discuss:
  • A better understanding of what constitutes a project
  • The various types of projects and the intended purpose of each project
  • The various components involved in project management
  • The responsibilities of the project manager and what they are expected to achieve
  • The typical challenges encountered in projects
  • The characteristics of a successful project manager
  • Introduction to project management knowledge areas
  • The project life cycle and the management processes

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