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Teach Fellow Engineers

Expert in Your Field? Become an Online Instructor!

Pave the way for the future of engineering! Join our team of instructors to teach fellow engineers and:
  • Share your engineering expertise
  • Help engineers worldwide broaden skills
  • Share case studies, seminars, and presentations
  • Suggest your material or use open source
  • Earn extra recurring income
  • Get continuing education units
  • Set your own schedule
  • Have fun teaching online
To teach a course on Ncite Engineering Hub, please use the form below to submit your course idea and your qualifications. We pay a competitive rate depending upon the popularity of your course.
Visit our Course Guidelines page for more information on how to select a course topic that has broad appeal.

Teaching at Ncite Engineering Hub: An Overview

Focusing on engineering training for engineering professionals, our courses are prepared in accordance with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying NCEES CPC Guidelines. Thus, they comply with the rules of all State Licensing Boards.
We target courses in various engineering disciplines to accommodate engineers with diversified technical backgrounds. The selection of each course is based on its technical content and learning objectives intended to enhance the knowledge of the engineer.
Our courses are also designed with a “clear purpose and objective to maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s field of practice”. A quiz covering the course material supplements each of our courses in order to evaluate the engineer’s competency.

Please visit our Course Guidelines for more details.

Ncite Engineering Hub Course Evaluation Committee

Courses are reviewed by our Course Evaluation Committee prior to publication online. The committee consists of Licensed Professional Engineers serving in the capacity of technical advisors and subject matter experts.

In particular, the committee is responsible for scrutinizing each course to ensure that its technical content is in compliance with sound engineering principles and its learning objectives are met by the student. When necessary, the committee may consult with nationally recognized engineering associations and technical societies for further evaluation and feedback. Once approved, the course can be published online.

Requirements of Engineers Taking Your Course

Ncite Engineering Hub requires the engineer to take a quiz at the end of each course. The quiz is intended to evaluate the engineer’s effort to strengthen and maintain competency in the technical, managerial, or ethical fields. The number of the quiz questions is based on the time required by each student to review and complete the course.
Students are required to achieve a 70% passing grade. Upon successful completion of the quiz, Ncite Engineering Hub will issue a Certificate of Completion, which includes the sponsor’s name, course title and number, date of successfully completing the course quiz, and the number of PDHs earned.

Registrants/students are also provided with a Course Evaluation Questionnaire upon completing each course quiz. The questionnaire is intended to assist in revising our courses to improve the students’ learning process as well as to ensure that the course learning objectives are met. Based on the feedback from our students, we modify our courses accordingly to enhance their quality and effectiveness.

How We Review and Monitor Courses

Ncite Engineering Hub reviews and evaluates the technical content of its courses periodically to ensure their compatibility with the current rules and regulations. We also monitor new technical information through:
  • Periodic research and follow-up with nationally-recognized associations and company affiliations
  • Consultation with members of professional associations and industry leaders
  • Subscription to technical publications and engineering periodicals.

When applicable, we update our courses in accordance with the latest regulatory and technical changes.

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Ncite Engineering Hub engineering courses & live webinars meet NCEES Guidelines for Professional Engineer licenses renewal in all 50 states.

Ncite Engineering Hub will refund your money if the PDH credits you earn are rejected by your state board for any reason.

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