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  • Course No E – 1543
  • PDH Units 3.00

Course No E - 1543
PDH Units 3.00

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  • Course No E – 1543
  • PDH Units 3.00

Course No E - 1543
PDH Units 3.00

Intended Audience: civil engineers and bridge maintenance managers


This course discusses steel bridge maintenance and repair. Preventive maintenance of steel bridge components consists mainly of measures to protect the steel from corrosion. When deicing salt is added to the electrolyte, there is a dramatic increase in the rate of corrosion of the structural steel. Corrosion is usually easily spotted by visual inspection. Protection from corrosion can take various forms. The physical condition of the structure must first be determined by a detailed inspection. The structural capacity of the steel should be known. Once the physical condition of the bridge is evaluated, a determination of whether damaged bridge components should be repaired or replaced is made. Course Outline Preventive Maintenance for Corrosion 1. INTRODUCTION 2. STRUCTURAL STEEL Repair and Strengthen 3. GENERAL REPAIR 4. CONNECTIONS 5. REPAIR OF STRUCTURAL MEMBERS Member Replacement 6. TENSION MEMBERS 7. COMPRESSION MEMBERS/COLUMNS 8. BEAMS Upgrade Steel Bridges 9. CREATION OF A COMPOSITE ACTION 10. POSTTENSIONING 11. TRUSS SYSTEMS

Learning Objectives

At the successful conclusion of this course, you’ll be able to identify and discuss:
  • Learn how many state highway departments have indicated poor performance from their weathering bridges;
  • Learn the temperature recommendations for applying paint to steel bridge elements;
  • Learn approaches to making repair decisions which must carefully weigh the long-term operational requirements and existing environmental factors that can help accelerate corrosion prior to evaluating initial and life cycle costs;
  • Learn how to properly analyze and design repairs that involve adding metal to steel bridge members and elements:
  • Learn how members to be strengthened must be investigated for any decrease in strength resulting from temporary removal of rivets, cover plates, or other parts; and
  • How to repair loose or missing rivets.

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