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  • Course No.: E – 1678
  • PDH Units: 3

Course No.: E - 1678
PDH Units: 3

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  • Course No.: E – 1678
  • PDH Units: 3

Course No.: E - 1678
PDH Units: 3

Intended Audience: All Engineers


This course explains how to get your business started.  It further presents how to make the business plan.  Business plan holds up the company in its structural frame. Finally, this course discusses marketing strategies. These strategies are the face of the company and some work great while fail. It is useful to explain what a consultant is and what they do. A consultant is “person or a company who gives unique assistance or suggestions to someone else, typically known as the client.” An engineer fits this description and he or she usually assists the customer define their issue and gives a resolution to this problem. This course is suitable for engineers with a desire to start their own consulting business. Presented details cover issues related to setting up the company, naming the business, types of business structures, obtaining business bank account and insurance, business plan, cash management and client relationships. Learning Objectives Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained

  • Setting up the engineering company
  • Naming and registering the business
  • Obtaining business bank accounts and professional insurance
  • Completing business plan
  • Cash and client relationship management
  • Project proposals
  • Company marketing
  • Professional networking

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